Virginia Tech Bookstore Volume 2 (2024)

1. Volume Two Bookstore - Step Into Blacksburg

  • The official off-campus bookstore of Virginia Tech. Shop textbooks, course materials, Hokie gear and more! Phone: 540-231-9674.

  • The official off-campus bookstore of Virginia Tech. Shop textbooks, course materials, Hokie gear and more!

Volume Two Bookstore - Step Into Blacksburg

2. University Bookstore - Virginia Tech

  • University Bookstore. 115 Kent St. University Bookstore. The on-campus University ... Bookstore and the Volume Two Bookstore and now manages the University ...

  • The on-campus bookstore is operated by Follett Higher Education Group Inc. The building, when viewed from above, is roughly the same shape as the state of Virginia.

University Bookstore - Virginia Tech

3. UNIVERSITY VOLUME II BOOK STORE - Updated May 2024 - Yelp

  • 4 reviews of UNIVERSITY VOLUME II BOOK STORE "I thought this was going to be an actual bookstore instead of a Tech store that carried textbooks and other ...

  • Write a review


4. Campus Emporium | Your One-Stop Hokie Shop! | Virginia Tech Bookstore

Campus Emporium | Your One-Stop Hokie Shop! | Virginia Tech Bookstore

5. Volume Two Bookstore - 3 tips - Foursquare

  • Steven Glosh Volume Two is Virginia Tech's official off campus bookstore whose surplus funds are used for student scholarships, reduction of student fees ...

  • Bookstore in Blacksburg, VA

Volume Two Bookstore - 3 tips - Foursquare


  • Purchase online at • In-store at Hokie Centric, University. Bookstore, Volume Two, Computer. Service Center. • Certified Service Technicians in ...

7. Virginia Tech Books - Campus Emporium

  • Shop our selection of books about Virginia Tech and Blacksburg, VA.

Virginia Tech Books - Campus Emporium

8. Virginia Tech - College Graduation Products by Herff Jones

  • ... Bookstore Distribution Event: March 19th Volume II Bookstore Visit the links below to order Virginia Tech Graduation Products. Cap & Gown. Cap and Gown.

  • Your Herff Jones Sales Professional, John Shewmaker and Associates, will be on campus:

9. Retail Stores - Hokie Passport Services - Virginia Tech

  • Volume Two Bookstore, 540-231-9674, 801 University City Blvd., Blacksburg, VA map. Top | Back to Card Uses | Health Care and Medical | Restaurants and Food ...


  • I-2. 188. Moss Arts Center. H-2. 618A. North End Center. F-3. 250B. Skelton ... Volume Two Bookstore. H-4. 181. War Memorial Chapel. Service Facilities. K-8. 240.

11. Before You Purchase - Computer Requirements | Virginia Tech

  • 2-Factor Device. All students will be required to use 2-Factor Authentication ... Convenient locations: Hokie Centric, University Bookstore, Volume Two Bookstore.

  • If you have declared a major, check the List of Specifications, or contact your department for a list of their computer requirements.

12. University Bookstore at Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, VA 24061

  • Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for University Bookstore at Virginia Tech ... University Bookstore at Virginia Tech ... University Volume Two ...

  • Share your own tips, photos and more- tell us what you think of this business!

University Bookstore at Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, VA 24061

13. FAQs - Commencement | Virginia Tech

  • Graduates will be invited to the Volume Two Bookstore ... Honor sashes for those who qualify will be available for purchase at University Bookstore, Volume 2 ...

  • University Commencement will be held on Friday, May 10. The Graduate School (Ph.D.) ceremony will be Wednesday, May 8. College ceremonies will be held Wednesday, May 8 through Saturday, May 11. See the full schedule.

14. Best Shopping near The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton ... - Yelp

  • ... Volume II Book Store, Kohl's, Dollar General, Virginia Tech Hokie Shop, Exxon, The Western Store, CVS Pharmacy, Snuffy's General Store, Earth Fare, Fire ...

  • Reviews on Shopping near The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center - New River Valley Mall, First & Main, Fringe Benefit, Campus Emporium, Hello Gorgeous Boutique, Blacksburg Books, 310 Rosemont, T J Maxx, Walkabout Outfitter, YMCA Thrift Shop

Best Shopping near The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton ... - Yelp

15. Faculty Bookshelf | College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences

  • University Bookstore, merchandise and gifts · Hokie License Plates Part of every Virginia Tech plate purchase funds scholarships. Resources for. Future Students ...

  • Department of History 220 Stanger Street, 431 Major Williams Hall (0117), Blacksburg, VA 24061, Phone: 540-231-5331, FAX: 540-231-8724,

16. Introduction to Remote Sensing (Hardcover) - Writers Block Bookstore

  • 23 aug 2022 · *New chapters on remote sensing platforms, agriculture, and forestry. James B. Campbell, PhD, is Professor of Geography at Virginia Tech, where ...

  • Now in full color, the sixth edition of this leading text features new chapters on remote sensing platforms (including the latest satellite and unmanned aerial systems), agriculture (including agricultural analysis via satellite imagery), and forestry (including fuel type mapping and fire monitoring).

Introduction to Remote Sensing (Hardcover) - Writers Block Bookstore

17. [PDF] Virginia Tech vs Clemson (10/4/1980) - TigerPrints

  • ... 2 2. 58. PASSING LEADERS. Casey . Bolton. VA. TECH ... volume up or down, and select any VHF or UHF ... Bookstore (a Clemson bar), you just can't go out somewhere ...

Virginia Tech Bookstore Volume 2 (2024)


What kind of rock is hokie stone? ›

Hokie Stone is dolomite, a mineral found in the Appalachian Mountains and most prevalent in Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama. A sedimentary rock, it formed from calcium and magnesium carbonate and occurs in muted shades of pink, red, gray, brown, and black.

Where can I use my Hokie passport in Blacksburg? ›

CVS Pharmacy540-951-85951775 S. Main St., Blacksburg, VA map
CVS Pharmacy540-951-4911600 University City Blvd., Blacksburg, VA map
FasMart540-552-44771211 Toms Creek Rd., Blacksburg, VA map
Volume Two Bookstore540-231-9674801 University City Blvd., Blacksburg, VA map

What is a Virginia Tech Hokie mascot? ›

Virginia Tech's HokieBird mascot has quite a history, which intertwines the two nicknames. In the early 1900s, the official mascot was a VPI employee who had become a favorite of the cadets—and his special designation as mascot extended to his turkey, which eventually usurped his position.

When did Virginia Tech come out? ›

On October 1, 1872, Addison “Add” Caldwell walked 26 miles from Craig County to enroll as the first student at Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. Ever since then, Virginia Tech has been fulfilling its role as a leading land-grant university.

How much does Hokie Stone cost? ›

Each pallet costs $440 and weighs 2,400 pounds of stone, meaning the quarry provides Tech with 6 million pounds of building material each year. Johnston said there is no real concern with running out of Hokie Stone any time soon either.

What is the oldest building in Hokie Stone? ›

and Hokie Stone

The first building using the native limestone was the campus YMCA, constructed in 1899. Richmond architect W.F. West de- signed this modest structure, known today as the Liberal Arts Building, in the Romanesque style.

Do Hokie passport funds expire? ›

Hokie Passport Account

This debit account also allows users to print at university computer labs. All Hokie Passport ID cards have an activated Hokie Passport Account available. Hokie Passport funds carry from semester to semester until the individual graduates or is no longer affiliated with the university.

What is the difference between Hokie passport and dining dollars? ›

The Hokie Passport Account may be used for university vending, laundries, bookstores, photocopying, at numerous retail locations on and off campus, and in university dining facilities. The Dining Dollars Account may only be used in all Student Programs dining facilities.

What can I use Hokie passport money for? ›

Hokie Passport Account funds are stored on your Hokie Passport ID Card and can be used at residential vending machines, laundry facilities, print labs, campus bookstores, dining centers and numerous retail locations on- and off-campus. Convenience, flexibility, and security are just some of the benefits of the account.

What is Virginia Tech famous for? ›

Virginia Tech, a former military technical institute in Blacksburg, encourages students to “invent the future.” It is a research powerhouse, with seven research institutes and two university research centers that offer undergraduate and graduate students research opportunities.

What is a Hokie slang? ›

/ˈhoʊki/ IPA guide. Something that's hokey is silly and sentimental — you could also call it "sappy" or "mawkish." A hokey speech is more likely to make people roll their eyes and squirm than to make them cry. You can buy your friend a hokey birthday card as a joke, or read her a hokey poem to make her laugh.

Does the HokieBird get paid? ›

Event details and attendance numbers will be taken into consideration for all requests. The HokieBird has a 2-hour time limit on appearances. For external events, a HokieBird appearance is $200 per hour plus travel expenses.

Who is Virginia Tech's rival? ›

Virginia Tech Hokies football
Virginia Tech Hokies
RivalriesVirginia (rivalry) West Virginia (rivalry) Miami (rivalry) Georgia Tech (rivalry) Boston College (rivalry) VMI (rivalry)
Consensus All-Americans8
Current uniform
ColorsChicago maroon and burnt orange
24 more rows

What are Virginia Tech students called? ›

See “Band Company” under “Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. HokieBird: The name of the popular Virginia Tech mascot, attired in a costume that resembles a caricature of a gobbler. See “Traditions.” Hokies: Applied to all Tech students, athletic teams, and Virginia Tech fans.

Is Virginia Tech a prestigious school? ›

Virginia Tech 2024 Rankings

Virginia Tech is ranked No. 79 (tie) out of 255 in Best Education Schools. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is hokie stone limestone? ›

Geology. Hokie Stone is limestone infused with magnesium and calcium under intense pressure and temperature. Hokie Stone with impurities such as siltstone and sandstone is multi-colored and found on some newer Blacksburg campus structures. South slope of the main quarry in Blacksburg.

What type of rock is whetstone? ›

Natural whetstones are typically formed of quartz, such as novaculite. The Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas are noted as a source for these.

What kind of stone is in Arkansas? ›

Gemstone varieties of quartz (SiO2) present in Arkansas include the cryptocrystalline varieties (agate, jasper, chalcedony, banded chert) and crystalline varieties (rock crystal, amethyst, smoky quartz). Another material potentially usable by lapidaries is silicified petrified wood.

What is the famous rock in Vermont? ›

Marble is one of the State Rocks of Vermont. The rock is a dark green, fine-to-medium-grained, massive greenstone (mafic schist) composed of chlorite, albite, epidote, actinolite, quartz and calcite.

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