UPC Code Lookup: Free UPC Code Lookup With Major Retailers (2024)

A UPC code gives product identification information about certain products. If you’re looking to find something out about a product, you’re going to need to look up the UPC. This is often done with a UPCcode lookup tool.

Whether you’re searching online at Walmart or another online retailer, knowing how to look up the UPC is crucial. The UPC code lookup process can differ based on a few different factors.

Practically every item that is sold at a store, whether at a brick and mortar or online store, has a barcode. The barcode is the UPC or Universal Product Code. It makes it easy to find information on certain products through a UPCcode lookup. Keep in mind that the UPC differs from a SKU number.

Different black lines and spaces form the code and how it’s read using a barcode scanner. The scanner will translate the barcode number into text. You’ll then be able to read and interpret the information regarding the product the UPC is associated with.

Product UPC Code Lookup

Most items you purchase at a store will have a barcode. The barcode or UPC symbol is how you can find out what the item is, where it was made, and more.

The information is coded using different-sized black lines and spaces. You can translate the information from the barcode using a scanner or by typing the code in an online search tool that works as a UPCcode lookup.

When it comes time to find a UPC product number, you’re going to need to follow a certain amount of steps. Start by identifying the barcode. They can typically be located on the packaging of most items.

A UPC might also be located on product tags. The barcode is in a small white rectangle, and it consists of black lines and spaces. The thickness of the lines and the spaces are what make each UPC unique.It's also worth noting that there aren't many types of barcodes.

Once you find the barcode, you’ll find the UPC. The UPC is the set of 12 numbers under the barcode. The item at hand can be identified by a barcode scanner using the 12-digit number. If you don’t have a scanner, you can use a barcode lookup platform, similar to a UPCcode lookup tool with just the indentification number.

Key Takeaway: It's common for people to use UPC code lookup processes to find out information about a specific product. With a UPCor barcode lookup, you can find out information such as the specific characteristics of the product.

Reverse UPC Code Lookup

You might need to do a reverse UPC code lookup. This is necessary when you don’t have the UPC code at hand. In this case, you’ll need to include some keywords about the product in a search field.

In order to be successful with your search, you’re going to want to be as specific as possible. This can include key details about the product including name, price, shipping origin, and more. There are various platforms that you can use to do a reverse UPC code search.

Walmart UPC Code Lookup

Walmart is one of the major retailers in the United States. It was founded in 1962, and they sell thousands of different products every day.

Walmart has a digital catalog that includes groceries, cleaning supplies, home essentials, and much more.This makes it necessary for them to have a specific Walmart UPC lookup process to manage their supply chains.

In order to find details about a specific product on Walmart’s website, you’re going to need to do a UPC code lookup. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open Walmart.com in your preferred internet browser
  2. In the search bar, enter the product name or details about the product itself
  3. Scroll through the search results page and select the item that best matches what you’re looking for
  4. Once you’re on the right product page, right-click on the screen. Select “View Page Source”.
  5. Press CTRL+F on Windows or Command+F on a Mac, and search “UPC”
  6. The number following “UPC” will be the one you need.

Keep in mind that Walmart doesn’t have UPCs for all of their listings visible. If you can’t find the UPC using the steps above, you’ll have to refer to another method.

Target UPC Lookup

Target is a widely known big-box department store in North America. It sells everything from groceries to clothing and also household essentials. They’re known for relabeling products that are created by other manufacturers.

When you want to get information on a product’s UPC from Target, follow the steps below. Here's how to do a Target UPC code lookup.

  1. Open up Target.com on your preferred internet browser
  2. Enter the product name or its details into the search bar at the top of the page
  3. Review the products on the search results page
  4. Select the item that best describes what you’re looking for
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find where it says “UPC”. You can also use the CTRL+F function on Windows or Command+F on a Mac to search for “UPC”

Amazon UPC Code Lookup

Searching for products on Amazon can happen in different ways. You can search by specific keyword, product category, bestsellers, and more. There are ways to also search for a product by its UPC.

UPCs are crucial for Amazon. They need these universal product codes to identify their products. When you create a new listing on Amazon, it’s essential to fill out the Product ID section. This includes adding a UPC, ASIN, EAN, and GTIN.

If you already have the UPC for the product you’re looking for, you can enter it in the search bar. A list of products with matching UPCs will come up for you to browse through. However, if you don’t have the UPC for the product you’re looking for, you can always find it.

Amazon utilizes ASINs and that’s what they display in the product description section of each listing. That’s what you’ll use to find the UPC of the product. Here’s how:

  1. Open up Amazon.com on your preferred internet browser
  2. In the search bar, enter any keywords or descriptions about the product you’re looking for
  3. On the results page, find the product that best fits what you need
  4. Use the CTRL+F function on Windows or Command+F on a Mac to search for “ASIN”
  5. Once you locate the ASIN number, copy it
  6. Go to an ASIN to UPC converter site
  7. Paste the ASIN and select “Search”
  8. You’ll be redirected to a page that gives you the UPC number for the product

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What Is a UPC Barcode?

UPC numbers help companies sell and distribute their products especially when it comes to eCommerce. This can be done in various ways. Every retail product in the United States has a UPC. It's a barcode with a set of black lines and white spaces. It's unique to each product and has a series of numbers underneath.

Once you scan a UPC using a barcode reader during a point of sale transaction, it will give you information about the individual product. That information can tell you all kinds of thing about the product. This includes its size, color, style, and more. The process to complete a SKUnumber lookup differs from that of a UPCcode lookup. The UPCmay be used during the process of calculating inventory turnover.

AUPCbarcode is also used when ordering online. This includes placing food orders. If you're a restaurant owner that offers online or mobile ordering options to customers, you may benefit from using the Revolution Ordering platform. Book a demo to explore the options Revolution Ordering can offer you and your business.

Difference Between SKU and UPC Number

A lot of people will confuse UPCs and SKUs. They’ll use them interchangeably not knowing that there is a difference. When it comes to UPC vs. Barcode SKUs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

UPCs and SKUs are numeric-based codes that are assigned to specific products, but they’re not the same. UPCs are typically for business use. They provide product descriptions that can be read once scanned.

A SKU, on the other hand, is known as a Stock Keeping Unit. It’s a number that is assigned to a product by the company that sells or keeps track of the product. They use it for stock-keeping purposes as well as for internal operations, such as SKU rationalization.

SKUs are unique to a company. If the same product was sold by different companies, they would all have different SKUs. However, a UPC code remains constant to a product, no matter where it’s sold.

Another big difference between UPCs and SKUs is the length of the digits. UPCs are 12 digits long using only numbers. SKUs typically consist of 8 alpha-numeric digits.

To sum up the difference, UPCs are for external or universal use. SKUs are only for internal use.UPCs can also be looked up through search engines.

Advantages of UPCs

UPCs are very advantageous to both businesses and consumers. They make it possible to read product information through the use of barcode scanners.

UPCs not only improve speed but also improve productivity and efficiency. They do this by eliminating the need to enter product data manually. It’s also easy to track inventory as accurately as possible without hand counting. This helps identify the need for product restocks and more.

With a UPC, you can track products from production to distribution, order processing, retail stores, online marketplace, and even in consumers’ hands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free UPCCode Lookup

Using a UPC code lookup tool will allow you to get more information about the UPC code at hand. The UPC lookup process is straightforward. However, if you need more information on what a UPCcode is or how to go through with the UPC lookup process, read the following commonly asked questions.

Can I Use a UPCCode to Look Up a Product?

Yes, you can use a UPCcode to look up a product. To do so, you have to enter the product's UPC code into a Barcode Lookup program or a website's search bar. This will bring up information about the product such as the name, its description, the manufacturer, customer reviews, and photos.

Is There a UPCDatabase?

No, there isn't a solely recognized UPCdatabase; however, there are UPCProduct Registries. These registries and websites can often display incorrect claims and non-validated information due to the fact that they are not authorized databases.

What Is the Purpose of a UPCCode?

The purpose of a UPCcode is to identify product features in an easy manner. These features include item name, brand name, color, size, and when the item is scanned during the checkout process.

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UPC Code Lookup: Free UPC Code Lookup With Major Retailers (2024)
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