OSRS Rock Crabs Guide - How To Get There + Training Methods - OSRS Guide (2024)

This is a comprehensive guide to Rock Crabs in OSRS.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What are rock crabs
  • How to get to rock crabs
  • Best rock crabs spots
  • How to cannon at rock crabs
  • How to reset rock crabs
  • Why you should train at rock crabs

What are Rock Crabs in OSRS?

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Cb LevelHitpointsEXP/kill

Rock Crabs are aggressive low-level monsters located in Relekka. They are favored by low-level players and pures to train combat skills such as melee and ranged at as they have low defence and high hitpoints.

Rock Crabs aren’t accurate as they only have 1 attack. They also have 1 defence and 50 hitpoints.

Due to their aggressive nature, these monsters are perfect for AFK training. Just make sure your auto-retaliate is turned on and your character will do the rest.

Finally, Rock Crabs are multi-combat making them perfect for cannoning and speeding through the first 40 ranged levels in under an hour.

TIP: Sand Crabs are better alternatives to Rock Crabs as they have slightly more hit points and more locations in OSRS. Read our OSRS Sand Crabs Guide for more info on how to get there.

How to get to Rock Crabs

Rock Crabs are easily accessible through Camelot for any level of player.

You can simply buy a Camelot Teleport tablet from the Grand Exchange and then run North towards Relekka as illustrated below.

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Faster ways to get there include:

  • Setting your house location to Relekka (requires 30 construction)
  • Teleport through Enchanted Lyre (requires completion of the Fremennik Trials Quest)
  • Players who have completed Lunar Diplomacy can use the Waterbirth Island teleport

How to reset Rock Crabs

Rock Crabs are aggressive monsters making them great for AFKing. But just like any aggressive monster, they will become unaggressive at some point.

Once they stop attacking, you will need to reset them.

To reset rock crabs, simply run towards the village and back.

PRO TIP: Runelite users (highly recommended you use Runelite to play OSRS) can use the ‘NPC Agression Timer’ plugin which will tell you exactly when the Rock Crabs will reset. You’ll also want to enable ‘Show Aggression Lines’ in the plugin as this will show you exactly how far you need to run to reset the crabs.

Best Rock Crab Spot in OSRS (how to get to Waterbirth Island)

While the rock Crabs North of Relekka are a great spot for cannoning and training, they can get crowded at times.

If you can’t find a world that isn’t crowded, you can check out the rock Crabs spawns on Waterbirth island.

You can travel there by speaking with Jarvald in Relekka, he will take you there for free (after completion of the Fremennik Trials quest) or for a fee of 1,000gp if you haven’t completed the quest yet.

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Why you should train at Rock Crabs

Rock Crabs are made for AFK-training due to their aggressive nature and the fact they are multi-combat.

You simply have to stand near them with auto-retaliate on and they will attack you.

Your character will then slay them one by one.

Rock crabs have low defence and attack (1) so they won’t hit you very highly (though you should bring food to increase the duration of your trips).

Rock crabs also have a good amount of hitpoints (50) and give 200 experience each.

They respawn quickly so while you are training there should never be any wait in a good world.

Training at Rock Crabs is beneficial and the best place to train for pures and low-level accounts.

This is also one of the best places to train melee, ranged and magic in the first couple of levels.

The Crab Family

Rock Crabs are part of the crab family in osrs. A family of aggressive, low-level monsters with high hitpoints and low attack and defensive stats. These monsters are preferred for low-level training. Here’s a quick run-down of the other members of the crab family and how they compare to rock crabs.

Sand Crabs

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Sand Crabs are located in Hosidius and can be easily accessed by anyone.

If you have access to the Xeric’s Talisman (untradeable drop from Lizardmen) you can use that to easily teleport to Hosidius. Other players can Teleport to the Woodcutting Guild, set their house in Hosidius or travel there through Veos in Port Sarim (Kingdom of Kourend)

Sand Crabs are slightly better to train at than Sand Crabs because they have slightly higher hitpoints.

Read also: OSRS Sand Crabs Guide

Combat LvlHitpointsExp/kill
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Ammonite Crabs

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Ammonite Crabs are located on Fossil Island and are the preferred crabs to train at because of their high hitpoints level.

However, to gain access to Ammonite Crabs you need to complete the following two quests:

  • The Dig Site
  • Bone Voyage

To get to Fossil Island, use a Digsite Pendant to teleport. If you don’t have a digsite pendant, you can also run to the digsite in Varrock and Teleport there by talking to Barge Guard. (Remember, you need to complete the Dig Site Quest first!)

Ammonite Crabs are better to train at than Rock Crabs because they have higher hitpoints and give more exp/kill

Read also: OSRS Ammonite Crabs Guide

Combat LvlHitpointsExp/kill
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Hopefully, this OSRS Rock Crabs guide has taught you everything you need to know about Rock Crabs which are one of the best places to train in the early levels. Whether you are training Melee, Ranged or even Magic, rock crabs are the place to be.

OSRS Rock Crabs Guide - How To Get There + Training Methods - OSRS Guide (2024)


Where is the best place to train on crabs Osrs? ›

Sand Crabs are scattered around the beach in southern Zeah and Crabclaw Isle, where you can find clusters of three or four Sand Crabs making those spots ideal to engage Sand Crabs. Sand Crab's maximum hit is 1, but if you're planning to train for an extended period, you should still bring food.

Are sand crabs better than Rock Crabs? ›

Sand Crabs have 10 more Hitpoints than Rock Crabs and are otherwise identical in stats and behaviour, with clusters of multiple Sand Crabs next to each other in some spots, numbering 4 or more surrounding several spots on Crabclaw Isle.

Where to stand for Rock Crabs? ›

Rellekka Rock Crabs

If a player moves to the west-most part of the multi-combat zone, most cannon fire can be avoided. There are three rock crab spawns near this location, which makes it a decent spot. Although the cannon's fire can be avoided, it is best to switch to another world when faced with overcrowding.

Can you farm stone crabs? ›

Florida law forbids the harvesting of whole stone crabs. Instead, fishermen remove one or both claws and return the live crab to the water, where it can regenerate its lost limbs in about 18 months.

Why are rock crabs not attacking osrs? ›

To make the crabs aggressive again, exit the surrounding area (halfway to the entrance to the village in Rellekka, or by entering and exiting the entrance to Keldagrim) and enter again. As they are "dormant" until "awoken" by a passing player, rock crabs cannot be attacked until they are made aggressive once more.

How do you farm crabs? ›

Setting Up Ponds: Prepare ponds for your mud crabs. These can be simple earthen ponds with proper fencing to keep the crabs in and predators out. Make sure the pond has a mix of freshwater and saltwater to mimic their natural habitat. Stocking the Ponds: Buy healthy mud crab juveniles from a reliable source.

What are the best crabs to fight Osrs? ›

Ammonite crabs are one of the creatures that are recommended for training of all levels. They are similar to rock and sand crabs as they have virtually no combat stats but have the highest health of all the crabs. Low level players should bring some food.

How do you catch Atlantic ghost crabs? ›

  1. Find a beach where ghost crabs live. Ghost crabs are common shore crabs in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. ...
  2. Visit the beach at night. ...
  3. Scan the beach. ...
  4. Aim your flashlight. ...
  5. Scoop him up in your net. ...
  6. Release your crabs at the end of the night.
Jul 8, 2023

What is a rock crabs weakness? ›

However, sand crabs and rock crabs appear to have no specific weakness, melee or otherwise, at least according to the wiki.

How long can I AFK in Osrs? ›

There is a hidden timer that automatically logs out players who have been idle for 5 minutes, and are out of combat.

Why is rock crab so expensive? ›

Labor-Intensive Harvesting

Catching stone crabs is a labor-intensive process. Harvesting the crabs requires skilled fishermen to set and retrieve traps, then carefully remove the claws without harming the crab. This process is time-consuming, and the cost of labor is factored into the final price of the crab claws.

How long can you afk rock crabs in OSRs? ›

Starting off with the AFK Melee training methods, and the first method I have is a pure friendly method – Sand, Rock or Ammonite Crabs. Every type of crab and every aggressive monster in Old School Runescape will stay aggressive to you for 10 – 20 minutes of being in that area.

Why is it called rock crab? ›

Red rock crab, as their name implies, prefer rocky substrates but can also be found in eelgrass, soft-bottom habitat, and shellfish beds from the mid intertidal to depths of about 260 feet.

How to get to Waterbirth, osrs? ›

Players may teleport to the island using the Lunar spells Waterbirth Teleport or Tele Group Waterbirth, which require 72 and 73 Magic respectively. Players who have completed The Fremennik Trials may travel by boat for free by speaking to Jarvald.

How do you keep rock crabs alive? ›

To keep crabs alive until cooking, place them in a cooler with ice packs or frozen gel packs, but don't let the crabs touch the ice directly. You can use a layer of wet newspaper or a damp towel to keep them cool and moist.

How long can you afk Sand Crabs? ›

Sand Crabs will become unaggressive if the player has not left the surrounding area in 10 minutes. To make the crabs aggressive again, exit the surrounding area - roughly the same distance as the diameter of the minimap - and enter again.

How do you stop dark crabs from burning Osrs? ›

There is no level where dark crabs stop being burned, although wearing a cooking cape will prevent players from burning any food. The burnt dark crab has no use whatsoever. Like most other burnt food, it is tradeable to other players but not on the Grand Exchange.

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